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Weather: Strong winds accompanied by rain and snow


Wind will start picking up in the early morning. Those living at the foot of Karavanke and Kamniške alpe mountains and in the upper Soča valley should brace for winds reaching 70-100 km/h.

The coastal bora wind will be even stronger, reaching 100-140km/h in gusts. The Environmental Agency has thus issued the second highest alert for the areas where strong winds are forecast.

Precipitation and winds will abate in most of the country by Tuesday morning. However, the bora will not lose much of its intensity and is forecast to exceed 100 km/h in gusts as well on Tuesday.

The cold front will also bring the first snow to Slovenia on Monday. Up to 20 centimetres are expected to fall in the morning in parts of Dolenjsko and Notranjsko. Snow is also expected in Ljubljana, however in smaller quantities.

It seems that winter is coming only two days before motorists are obligated to put winter tires on their vehicles.

Motorway company DARS has already said that it 270 ploughs and other servicing vehicles are on standby.


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