The Slovenia Times

Daily "Delo" says presidential vote message ahead of general vote


The relative success of Kamnik Mayor Marjan Ĺ arec warns us that the phenomenon of new faces has not been fully exhausted and that it could play a role in the next general elections, like in the previous two, the paper says in A Resit for Pahor.

Pahor's win brings another important message, as it was a while ago when a high-ranking Slovenian politician managed to repeat their term, although this time a big number of voters also cast their votes against the incumbent president.

This is a message that the leaderships of political parties will certainly be taking into account before they launch their campaigns. But before they start calculating, they should also not overlook turnout figures.

Although the turnout was record-low, the legitimacy of the election should not be doubted, because it was free and fair. Nevertheless, the massive no-show should be a message to new and old politicians.

It is first and foremost a message to Pahor that, if he wants to get a decent successor, he should give the office of the president back its importance, dignity and statesmanship, concludes the commentary.


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