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Sax Pub



Sax, as most Ljubljana residents, certainly jazz fans, will know, carries the tag of 'the first pub in Ljubljana'. That is something of a burden because, in fact, it isn't really a pub in the traditional sense (which begs the question, 'what really is a pub?', but let's save that debate for another day). Located at Eipprova 7, in the Trnovo district of Ljubljana, Sax Pub is unique. Its colourful, graffiti-covered walls are the first sign of something out of the ordinary. The external d'cor is then equally matched for interest by the internal furnishings. Memorabilia focusing on music, musicians and motorbikes are the order of the day. So, even if you are on your own, you can amuse yourself for quite a while simply staring at the walls. Next, and most importantly, comes the music. Sax has the most wonderful collection of jazz and blues CDs you could wish for and bar staff with the sense to make good use of it. In addition to the CD collection, Sax plays host to live jazz on a regular basis, including some quite avant-garde performances at times. Thursday night is the most usual time to catch a live show but check the boards for upcoming events. One final positive - as soon as the weather permits, the patio at the front has half a dozen tables and the atmosphere, as elsewhere in Trnovo is calm and peaceful - unless it's live music night of course! If I have any criticism of Sax it is that the indoor seating is very limited. As soon as twelve or more people are inside, then you are limited to standing room only, but I guess there's not much anyone can do about that. Finally, I suppose I shouldn't complete a review without talking about the drinks available. Union, Crni Baron and Heineken are available on draught, together with the usual assortment of bottles. A jug of SangrĀ”a always stands on the bar, although I confess I have never seen anyone sample its contents. There is also a reasonable selection of cigars for those who partake.


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