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Daily "Dnevnik" slams Slovenia's asylum policy


Under the headline Saving Refugee Ahmad the paper explains asylum law, which it says is one of the least known and popular branches of law in Slovenia.

One of the points of the paper makes is that enables decisions to be taken on a case-by-case basis and adapted accordingly because no asylum case is a model, which extends to the country's discretion to decide whether to keep a refugee or return him or her to the country they entered before.

Under asylum law both would be possible in the case of Ahmad Shamieh, the paper says, listing why it thinks Slovenia is responsible for him and asserting that the country should have taken him even before his situation got complicated.

"Slovenia is not aware of an even more fundamental premise of asylum law: that refugees and migrations are an undeniable fact... Even if just a hundredth of a per mille stopped in Slovenia for one reason or another and asked for asylum... the country may have had much work with them, let alone if it took in five to ten thousand, in proportion to the numbers taken in by Austria and Germany, which is the only realistic option in the given migration situation."

However, the paper says that Slovenia has not yet formed any useful asylum and migration policy except for the one set out by the Interior Ministry, which is set on making the life of refugees so miserable that they leave as soon as possible or never come here at all.


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