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Students' spring



Probably one of the most known, widespread and popular events is the students' (SKIS) market, an opportunity for local student organizations to introduce themselves to the public. For the sixth year in a row, the market took place on May 7th,. Student clubs from all over Slovenia were exposing all their "glamour" there. Each club had 25m2 of space to show its creativity and originality - the "fil rouge" of this year's market was camping and the beach, therefore all displays - local student organizations and other student-orientated sevices - were presented in that manner. The organizer also provided a spectacular musical show and DJ's that kept up the spirits of a few thousand people that gathered there. The second largest sports event going on this month are the Games of May. The opening ceremony took place on May 5th and the activities will last until May 21st. At these games, students can participate in many competitions such as beach volley, rowing, table tennis, the marathon run and lots of other categories, even the tarok and briscula card game. Those who aren't overly sporty might be interested in the closing ceremony (this year in Bezigrad) that usually turns into a wild party... If one's needs for physical activity still aren't satisfied, it is possible to compete in other students' championships of the University of Ljubljana: climbing, badminton, rollerblading, swimming, sailing and more - all in May. A course in salsa or oriental dancing, speleology and various excursions is not a bad idea either. This is also the month of charity donations. If you can find an old game or a toy that is no longer needed - give it to the students' children at Rozna dolina. Beside this variety of events taking place in Ljubljana, local student organizations all around Slovenia are also inviting to a number of activities including sports, concerts, performances etc. To mention only a few: "Week of the young" in Kranj lasts 9 days (May 9-18, see the Event guide in the previous issue) and provides a series of various concerts, shows, sports competitions and even lectures. "The Young Parade", (May 15-18 at Tolmin) follows the same scheme. One more thing to mention - Magdalena, (May 22. - 24.) - the international festival of creative communications, where participation is limited to those under 30 years of age, displays a whole collection of outrageous ideas in the field of still and moving images, audio spots etc. Well, that is one part of students' life, the other is more serious - we have to prepare for the exams in June. But, I'm pretty sure we will make the best of these events and then, full of good impressions and lot of new friends and experiences, successfully pass the exams.


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