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UN committee unanimously backs Slovenia's World Honey Bee Day initiative


Slovenia's initiative for World Honey Been Day has been backed by all countries of the world, while 115 of them, including all EU member states, the US, China, Russia, Brazil, Australia and Indonesia, decided to co-sponsor the resolution.

Slovenian Agriculture Minister Dejan Židan stressed that after three years of hard work, the finish line was now close. "The unanimous support gives us confidence that the UN will declare World Honey Bee Day at the December plenary of the General Assembly," he said.

One in three spoons of food depends on honey bees and other pollinators, which however are endangered by climate change, chemicals and damage to the environment, Židan noted.

Agricultural production will be able to further grow only if the importance of honey bees and other pollinators is recognised and if they are protected, he said.

Slovenia has been striving for 20 May, the birthday of Slovenia's pioneer beekeper Anton Janša (1734-1773), to be declared World Honey Bee Day since 2014.


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