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For its 20th anniversary in Koper, Hidria opens a 5 million investment in a 60-million business for VW


High-tech parts of steering wheel systems, for which Hidria concluded deal worth 60 million euros, will be installed in future vehicle models from Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen. Hidria's advanced steering systems provide drivers with a safe, comfortable and efficient ride. They are made from lightweight aluminium alloys, thus reducing the weight of the vehicles. These consume less fuel, which also reduces the pollution of the environment. With its innovative solutions, Hidria makes an important contribution to the green mobility of the future and to the reduction of gas emissions that are harmful for the health and environment.

For the smooth production of these steering wheel systems, Hidria has also designed and installed a high-tech robotic production line with all the necessary quality controls. The own investment was 5 million euros. The line was designed according to the principle of Industry 4.0. This means it is fully automated and through the manufacturing process captures, analyses and processes large amounts of digital data used for the efficient manufacture of steering wheel systems. Visual and robotic three-dimensional measuring systems allow better control and better quality and traceability of the products. Finally, they are also entirely packed by a robot.

Hidria will need to hire additional staff for this new business and other projects. Hidria's Technology Park in Koper currently employs 430 people. The corporation will employ a total of 450 people in 5 years, mostly mechanical and chemical engineers and experts in welding, machining, painting and quality assurance. It also strongly supports investments. Since 2010, it has invested more than 45 million euros into research, development and equipment in Koper.

It is determined to continue to strengthen this trend. At the Koper Technology Park-built on the know-how and experience of the staff of Tomos-the former high-tech centre-Hidria develops, designs and manufactures essential parts of premium vehicle steering wheel systems for leading vehicles in Europe in this segment, the most sophisticated steel and aluminium frames for motorcycles of the world's largest manufacturers, and a high-tech automated production line.

Through its innovative ground-breaking products and solutions, the quality and accuracy of deliveries, and the knowledge and expertise of its employees, Hidria plays the role of one of the main pre-development suppliers of automotive and industrial technology on a regional and global scale. For quite some time, its key partners have been names such as Audi, BMW, Bosch, Continental, Ducati, KTM, Jaguar, Mercedes, Porsche, VW, ZF Group and others. So Hidria, together with the Slovenian automotive cluster ACS and many partners in the international Edison project in Koper, is already planning to build an innovative green mobility centre.

Together with their partners, they want to turn Slovenia into a natural laboratory for green mobility of the future, and a model polygon for the creation and testing of innovative green technologies. This will provide our country with additional economic growth and new high-quality jobs, prevent brain drain and attract foreign investors and professionals who can create a better and cleaner future for all with their innovative knowledge and solutions.



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