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Fin. authority announces clampdown on undeclared rentals


FURS has decided to put a stop to undeclared leasing of real estate to tourists after the practice skyrocketed with the increasing popularity of platforms like AirBnB and Booking.

In Ljubljana alone, more than 1,500 apartments were being leased through AirBnB in the first half of this year, whereas the number stood at a mere 31 in 2011, according to data obtained from the platform by the newspaper Delo. The monthly price for renting a two-bedroom flat stood at EUR 1,300-1,900 in the summer.

Noting that all data had been obtained, FURS called on property owners to review and potentially revise their revenue figures by 31 January.

Failure to do so could cost the offenders from EUR 400 to EUR 30,000, whereas they will only pay 3% in interest on the evaded tax, FURS announced.

In Slovenia, individuals can rent out their property to tourists by registering with the AJPES agency for public legal records and FURS.

FURS's campaign, announced for the beginning of next year, will focus both on registration of lessors and meeting tax duties.


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