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Strawinsky from the Australian desert



The David Chesworth Ensemble is one of the leading Australian Music groups. It features a wide array of orchestral and exotic instruments in feats of striking, scraping, blowing, shaking, pushing, pulling and plucking. Obviously we are talking about actual musical communication, where sound travels from genre to genre without any borders. This music can be described as contemporary art music with extended instrumental techniques, lively improvisations, bold orchestrations, sounds arising from new technologies and playful manipulation of traditional music forms and contexts. So Chesworth's compositional style sweeps aside pre-conceived expectations and categorisations. Eclectic yet personal, radical yet broadly accessible, the group reinvigorates the notion of concert performance. At the concert, the Ensemble will perform Chesworth's own extensive musical material, alongside the reinterpretation of music by other exciting contemporary composers. Since its formation in 1993, the Ensemble has introduced new audiences to this innovative music through a dynamic and accessible programme of recordings and concerts. David's music was also awarded with Prix Ars Electronica Honourable Mention in 1991 and if I am not mistaken, he is now on the European tour with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds


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