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E-tolling system for trucks being introduced in April


DARS said on Friday that it had already set up seven points on motorways where hauliers can register into DarsGo, while registration will also be made possible at, and with the beginning of the new year at certain gas stations along the motorways.

"We urge hauliers to register into the system as soon as possible and get the DarsGo unit to avoid potential waiting lines...and high fines if driving along motorways and expressways without a unit," DARS said.

According to DARS, the entire motorway network totalling 618 kilometres of motorways and expressways will be divided into 125 tolling sections with 127 tolling portals.

The toll will be paid based on which tolling portals the truck will pass and the vehicle's properties, including its emission class.

DARS is introducing the new method of tolling to ensure a better flow of traffic and fairer tolling.

The new system will also be introduced to replace the obsolete tolling system, whose key components have not been manufactured since 2011.

The April introduction will make Slovenia the first country in Europe to shift directly from a system with tolling stations to a completely free flow tolling.

Comparable countries, such as Austria, Poland and Belgium, first switched to toll stickers and only then turned to open road tolling.

The e-tolling will be introduced for LGVs, trucks with maximum permissible weight of more than 3,500 kilograms, while toll stickers will continue to be used for other vehicles.

The existing tolling plazas will be overhauled and will be made into control points, where DARS will monitor the use of toll stickers and DarsGo units. They will also be used by police and customs officers.

According to DARS, the first booths will be destroyed soon after the new system is introduced.


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