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Slovenia interested in principle in two PESCO projects


The new, permanent form of defence cooperation, which is being labelled in Brussels as "historic" and which is considered as the key step towards a defence union, was launched today by 25 member states, including Slovenia.

The participating member states have already defined first 17 projects, which include the establishment of an EU medical unit, maritime control, underwater drones and cyber security.

The notification of Slovenia's intention to join PESCO was signed on 13 November by Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec and Defence Minister Andreja Katič.

Erjavec said on the occasion that the participation in the new EU project was very important for keeping Slovenia at the core of the EU, adding that it meant more funds earmarked for security and defence.

Katič added that one of the reasons for enhancing independent defence in Europe was the US reducing its involvement when it comes to security issues in Europe.


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