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Heavy rain, strong winds cause trouble, cut power supply


The coast was hit the worst as several roads and buildings as well as the village of Sečovlje have been flooded and a landslide damaged a house in Piran.

Some roads remain closed, including the one from Dragonja to the Sečovlje border crossing with Croatia.

According to Piran Civil Protection Service commander Egon Štibilj, several days of rain has saturated the soil with water, and coupled with high tides, water could not flow into the sea, flooding the Sečovlje Valley.

Since rain is also forecast for tomorrow, they are getting ready for a potential worsening with sand bags and other material, head of the regional command of Civil Protection Service Zvezdan Božič told the STA.

Meanwhile, some 1,090 households were left without power in the area covered by power utility Elektro Ljubljana, especially in the areas south of Ljubljana around Kočevje and Notranjsko, and around the town of Trbovlje, north-east of Ljubljana.

In Notranjsko, the warehouse where company Kovinoplastika Lož keeps its end products was uncovered, but there are no details about the damage yet.

In Koroško, north, rain water has flooded some roads as well as a school library and gym, while some households were left without power several times.

Similar problems also hit Gorenjsko, north-west, where local policemen in the town of Škofja Loka had to rescue a woman from a swollen stream, where her car slipped from an ice-covered parking lot.

Kranj police said the driver had not sustained any injuries, but was in shock. Her car was rescued from the stream by a team of firefighters.

In the village of Preddvor, north-east from Kranj, civil defence sirens could be heard in the afternoon to warn the population against a direct risk caused by strong winds and fallen trees.

The Civil Protection and Disaster Relief advised the local population not to leave their homes and the police advised drivers to avoid the Preddvor-Jezersko road in both directions.

Strong winds are also knocking over trees in the area around Bohinj Lake.

Even heavier rain is forecast for Tuesday and snow for Wednesday, but rescue and protection services say they are ready for an emergency.


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