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Luka Koper supervisors limit management to caretaker role


The supervisors wanted to prevent limiting the management in day-to-day business, so they chose a move that prevents the management from making strategic, financial and staffing decision without supervisory board consent, according to Ilić.

He added that such measures were normal in transitional periods, pointing to the pending no-confidence vote of at the end of the month due to audit findings on the outsourcing of dock services.

Ilić also said that the supervisors had tasked a staffing commission to come up with a list of potential candidates for the top post at the port operator by 29 December, a day after the extraordinary meeting of shareholders.

As the chair of the commission, he added that it had not come to individual names yet.

Media have floated several potential candidates. Andraž Lipolt of energy group Petrol, Metod Podkrižnik of railway operator Slovenske železnice, and Daniel Tomljanović of the Koper-based logistics firm VV-log have been billed as front-runners.

On 29 December, the supervisory board will also discuss the 2018 business plan.


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