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Saturday Summer Night for Slovenian popular Music



For "The best popular Song" of the year, 14 Slovenian performers will be competing. Beside this category, the winner of which will be chosen by tele-voting, there are also five sections judged by a special jury, e.g. "The best Newcomer", "The best Performer", "The best Lyrics" and others. The tradition of the festival has been maintained for 41 years. The first event took place in Bled in 1962 and imitated the one in San Remo. Some of the Slovenian songs from those days truly are memorable and even nowadays some musicians work on new arrangements. One of the most famous songs is "Poletna noc" (A Summer Night) which was performed by Beti Jurkovic and later Marjana Derzaj. The music is the work of a great Slovenian composer Mojmir Sepe, the lyrics were written by Elza Budau, who is also a very well known Slovenian song-writer.


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