The Slovenia Times

Business daily "Finance" calls for forward-thinking shift


"Technological advances and fast social changes are changing the perception what is short and long term. If nothing else we were reminded of that this year as several countries declared their intentions to abandon registering new internal combustion engine cars - such a decision has also been taken by the Slovenian government."

The paper says that this is a major challenge given the role car industry has in the Slovenian and European economy, while it also lists the challenges of the ageing population, plans to abandon traditional energy sources, the challenges of climate change and migrations, digitalisation, automation, robotisation and the dilemmas of the crypto world.

Noting that critical thinking and creativity are the skills which are required, the paper says that these should not be neglected in the debate about how the education system should better respond to the needs of the economy.

"Just like the debate about which education programmes should be stimulated and which not should bear in mind that needs are not statistical. As society we need natural and social sciences staff. It would be counterproductive to instigate one group against the other, while a mutually respectful relationship can be one of the most productive moves," said business daily  "Finance".


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