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Construction of Third Axis expressway to be launched next year


A plan to improve road links in these regions, termed the Third Development Axis, is finally close to construction after decades of planning.

The route of one of the biggest road projects currently planned in Slovenia is divided into eight sections, running between the border crossings of Holmec with Austria in the north and Vinica with Croatia in the south, which are some 200 km apart.

While the road to Holmec will better link Slovenia with Austria's Carinthia, the road to Vinica will lead towards the Zagreb-Rijeka motorway in Croatia.

The areas currently cut off from motorways are home to several leading Slovenian companies, such as home appliances maker Gorenje in Velenje.

Together with the locals, these companies, which are strong exporters, have been calling for better roads for years.

Although first construction works are planned to get under way next year, there is still a long way before the entire expressway is completed.

A national spatial plan, with all the planned connecting roads, viaducts and tunnels, has been endorsed for only four of the eight sections.

What is more, construction works are expected to start in 2019 on only three sections, one in the south-east and two in the north.

The first to be built is an 18-km section around the city of Novo Mesto, which will connect the area with the A2 motorway.

This section, running from Novo Mesto to Maline south-east towards Croatia, would be built in two stages.


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