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TANGO STORY - virtuosity and passion


This time, on its return, it includes one of the most important of the current generation of virtuosos, Borut Zagoranski, on accordion, with Matija Krečič on violin, Žiga Golob on double bass, Marko Korošec on guitar and the leader of the project, Mladen Delin, on piano. Special guests are the world dance champions in tango, Andreja Podlogar and Blaž Bertoncelj, and the vocals from one of the best Slovenian singers, Nuška Drašček.
Internationally renowned musicians will take you from the old Tango Vieho, from taverns and a brothel, to Tango Nuevo, a classical modern tango.

Borut Zagoranski - accordion
Matija Krečič - violin
Žiga Golob - double bass
Marko Koročec - guitar
Mladen Delin - piano
Andreja Podlogar & Blaž Bertoncelj - dance
Nuška Drašček - voice


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