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The Yugo



Talking about legendary cars on Slovenian roads, one cannot go past the Yugo. It's a small car that has been (and still is) produced since 1980 by the Zastava factory in Kragujevac, Serbia. It was designed in Italy, which is why it has the Fiat 127 headlights and door handles, for example. Its primary role was to be a means of transportation for common Yugoslavs, but it somehow got exported to various parts of the world. They were reported to be seen in France, Spain, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Greece, and, outside of Europe, in Columbia and the US. When the export to the latter began, the Yugoslav press called it "the deal of the century". The Yugo was the cheapest car on the US market. It cost only around $4,000, but domestic buyers seemed to cover the rest of the production cost by paying almost $7,000 for it. It was also the lowest quality car there - in fact, whole shipments were rejected because the cars were unfinished. It was equipped with 903 ccm (45 HP), 1,116 ccm (55/60 HP) and 1,299 ccm engines (65 HP). Obviously, it has little usable space, but somehow it managed to serve even as a family car. Today, when there are still more than 34,000 (4th place) of them registered in Slovenia, it's used mostly as a second car and can be considered one of the "student cars". While many of the owners are probably waiting to grab their first opportunity to upgrade, others have grown fond of the car and come together in all sorts of Yugo-loving clubs


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