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Digitalisation should be presented as opportunity, debate hears


"Digitalisation will not be feasible, if we don't have citizens' trust. That is why security is so important, including of personal information," Gabriel said at an event dubbed Dialogue with Citizens hosted by the European Commission.

Both the young and the old must be given the opportunity to acquire the necessary competence and skills to use modern tools, the commissioner said.

She sees social networks as platforms encouraging progress. But it is important that citizens can also use them to communicate privately, she said.

Minister Koprivnikar said people should not be forced into digitalisation. "It must be presented as an opportunity that can improve the quality of life and create business opportunities."

He assessed that Slovenia had excellent infrastructure, which people should be encouraged to use. "We need to offer them practical solutions and contents."

Touching on fake news, Gabriel said this was not a new phenomenon. What is new is the speed with which it can be distributed and the influence it has.

The commissioner has initiated a public debate on the issue to form a definition of fake news on the EU level to eventually give people tools to recognise fake news.

However, Koprivnikar pointed out that the internet was a public space, where freedom of expression must be allowed "even if it disturbs us and is misleading". But if fake news is launched with the intention to harm somebody, it must be prosecuted, he added.

The commissioner said that the EU would continue to advocate for net neutrality, because this was "one of our values".

Commenting on the issue of cryptocurrencies, Gabirel said that an in-depth analysis would be required before any regulations could be introduced. A cryptocurrency observatory will be set up next month, she said.


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