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Increased investments in residential real estate in Slovenia, grab your opportunity



In light of the existing and expected revival of the real estate market, and considering the still-inexpensive financing options and positive demographic trends in larger Slovenian cities, a lack of residential unit supply can be expected this year. Despite the record number of transactions involving residential real estate in 2017, there are still ample opportunities for new real estate developments. Residential real estate demand is increasing, both for personal use and investment purposes. As a result of the above, undeveloped land plots suitable are highly sough-after for multi-unit residential developments and neighborhoods. In particular, increased demand for projects with an existing and valid construction permit has been noted on the market, as well as for partially finished developments and for land plots with an existing Municipal Detailed Zoning Plan (OPPN). The foregoing reduces the investor's risk involved in real estate development. 

DUTB d.d. has an extensive portfolio of real estate across all segments, and in different stages of development. We highlight below a few interesting examples of real estate suitable for residential development in Slovenia:

Multi-apartment project Vojnik

The multi-apartment project has an excellent location in the town of Vojnik near Celje, and is an impressive investment opportunity. The project was built in 2009, and has a basement, ground floor, and three stories. The building has a total net floor area of 2,444 m2, with 2,495 m2 of land area. The building consists of 43 apartment units of various sizes, with floor areas ranging from 34 m2 to 98 m2.

The indicative advertised asking price is 1,900,000.00 EUR (+ tax), the deadline for submission of binding bids is set for 31 January 2018, noon local time. All information and bidding documentation is available here.

Commercial/residential development in the Maribor city center

The commercial and residential development is located in the pedestrian zone, in the city center, at Slovenska ulica 16, Maribor. The building comprises a fully-restored part of an older townhouse, with two retail premises and a number of residential units on the upper floor (6 studio apartments and a 3-bedroom loft).

A new annex has been added on the courtyard side of the building, which comprises a large business premises on the basement level, connecting to an atrium, two small commercial premises on the ground floor (passageway), and a 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom duplex on the upper floor.

Development is currently being sold as a whole, the price to be negotiated. More information about this investment opportunity can be found here.

Undeveloped building plot in Lesce

The undeveloped building plot in Lesce has an excellent location in the town of Lesce, adjacent to an Interspar store, and just 5 kilometers away from Bled. The land plot covers 8,502 m2, and is an excellent opportunity for investment in residential real estate.

The land plot is close to all the essential infrastructure: shops, post office, bank, pharmacy, town hall, elementary school, kindergarten, with many options for outdoor activities etc. The land plot also boasts great connections - nearby high-speed turnpike, railway, small airport, directly adjacent to Bled, Radovljica and the Triglav National Park.

The area is regulated the Municipal Detailed Zoning Plan (OPPN), planned for construction of semi-detached houses, triplets and standalone homes. The land plot is priced at €600,000.00 (+ tax), more information available here.

Undeveloped building plot in the city of Kranj, "Kozolci"  

Undeveloped building plot with a combined floor area of 26,622 m2 is zoned for multi-unit residential development, or a business/residential development. Under the building permit, which expired in 2016, 395 residential units with a total net floor area of approx. 26,500 m2 and approx. 2,000 m2 of floor area for business premises were envisaged in the Kozolci residential and business development.

The land plot is priced at €3,000,000.00 (+ tax), more information available here.

Building Plot in Britof, near the city of Kranj

On the environs of the Britof township, directly adjacent to the city of Kranj, is a large land plot zoned for construction of various types of residential buildings. Under the current zoning plan, the area is suitable for construction of 27 individual family homes, 2 semi-detached houses, and 7 row houses. The land plot is flat, with idyllic Alpine views.

The combined surface area of the land plots is 22,137.00 m2, priced at €1,800,000.00 (+ tax), more information available here.

Undeveloped land plot suitable for development in the town of Šmarje near the city of Koper.

The undeveloped land plot suitable for development in the town of Šmarje near the city of Koper stretches over 10,721 m2, and has the prepared project documentation for construction of 4 blocks of flats (for a total of 44 apartments and 2 commercial premises), and 16 row houses.

The project documentation is prepared for 4 building permits:
- separately for the access road, with the communal utility infrastructure,
- for 1 block of flats with 8 apartment units and two commercial premises,
- for 3 blocks of flats with 36 apartment units and
- for 16 row houses.

The land plot boasts good access to the land plots via the local road Koper-Dragonja border crossing, with good transport connections (motorway) and close to the border with Croatia, Italy and the bay of Sečovlje.

The land plot is priced at €1,300,000.00 (+ tax), more information available here.

Building plot in Celje, zoned for residential and commercial development ("Vrunčeva")

The land plots suitable for development measuring 8,583 m2 are located at the corner of Dečkova and Vrunčeva cesta in Celje, in the immediate vicinity of the Celje fairgrounds. A detailed municipal zoning plan (OPPN) has been adopted for the area zoned for commercial and residential development.

The land plot is priced at €471,500.00 (+ tax), more information available here.

Land plot for residential development in Maribor urban area

The land plot suitable for development covers 19,092 m2 and is located in a beautiful, peaceful location along Iztokova ulica in Maribor. The land plot has a building permit for construction of a multi-apartment residential development. The dig has been partially completed, and one of the structures has already been finished up to phase I of construction. The plot has good utility connections, and is accessible via paved local road.

The land plot is priced at €1,690,000.00 (+ tax), more information about the land plot available here.

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