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Nicehash to reimburse users for bitcoin stolen in hack


According to a posting on its website, NiceHash will initially reimburse 10% of the old balance amount to all users that were impacted by the security breach and the remaining amount in instalments in the coming months.

The firm pledged to fully reimburse all users under the same conditions. The old balance will be repaid in bitcoin exclusively. Every new part of the reimbursement scheme will be announced in advance and users will be able to monitor repayment progress.

Some 4,700 bitcoin, at the time valued at roughly EUR 56m, was stolen in the 6 December hack. The company resumed operation two weeks later when it announced that funds had been secured with a group of foreign investors to fully reimburse the users.

The investigation, in which Nicehash experts are is collaborating with investigators is still ongoing. The company has also beefed up security measures.

Bitcoin is currently valued at around 10,000 US dollars, down from the record high of US$20,000 in December.


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