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Slovenia joins petition to EU court over ICS


By submitting its position in the case to the EU court, Slovenia actively joined the procedure initiated by Belgium over the reformed system of dispute settlement between states and investors, the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology has told the STA.

The EU court will now examine the written submissions by EU countries and institutions, appoint a panel, and assign the advocate general and the judge-rapporteur to the case. The court will be able to call a public haring or take a decision without holding one.

The EU countries and institutions involved in the case will be notified on further procedure in writing, the ministry said.

The ICS makes part of the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, better known as CETA Belgium decided to seek clarification on the ICS's compatibility with EU treaties as part of an internal compromise designed to to lift Wallonia's veto against CETA.

Reservations about the ICS have also been expressed by several Slovenian MPs, NGOs and there have also been several rallies in protest against contentious trade agreements.

The ICS was designed to replace the investor-to-state dispute settlement (ISDS) mechanism. The main piece of criticism is that it would still allow multinationals to avoid national courts.

It is feared that, facing threats of huge damages, countries could put off adoption of legislation that is useful for citizens but which is not in the interests of multinationals.


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