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Demand for Business Property Is Growing



The Bank Assets Management Company (DUTB d.d.) owns and sells an extensive portfolio of properties in all segments and different development stages. In continuation, we present some of the most interesting properties for the development of business projects in Slovenia. Also worth mentioning is the possibility of joint project development. For further information please contact Mr Andrej Lazar.

Affordable prices for new apartments in Mojstrana

The new residential area, located at an attractive location, comprises ten unoccupied holiday apartments, each featuring its own basement storage room (approximately 14 m2 each) and two parking spots. The three apartments on the ground floor also feature an atrium, measuring 53 m2; while the three apartments on the first floor have a porch, measuring 24.76 m2. The remaining four apartments are located in the converted loft.

The apartments have 2.5 or 3 rooms, meaning that - apart from the central living area that combines a kitchen, dining, and living room - each of them features two separate bedrooms. Each unit is equipped with its own utility meters, namely for electricity, water, and gas. The apartments were built in 2011 and renovated in 2015. The prices start at EUR 99,528.00 + VAT.

The residential area is located directly beside the road that leads to the Vrata Valley, passing the Peričnik Falls. In the vicinity, you can find a store, a primary school, and the Slovenian Alpine Museum. Additional information on individual apartments can be found here.

1. Tourist facilities

The Pohorje Mountains property portfolio comprises:
• Hotel Arena **** (with 39 rooms and a spa center) and its extension, Arena *** (the old part of the hotel with 20 rooms), sharing the same common areas and 14,400 m2 of outdoor facilities belonging to Hotel Arena;
• Bolfenk Wellness Hotel & Apartments **** (with 20 rooms and 12 apartments);
• Videc Hotel & Apartments *** (with 28 hotel rooms and 11 apartments) and an additional 18,672 m2 hectares of outdoor facilities;
• Residential building Pohorske Terase / (with 30 apartments).
The above properties are being sold in an open tender. Bidders are to submit their binding bids no later than 16 March 2018 at 12 AM. The property viewing will take place between 26 February and 9 March 2018. Additional information on the open tender is accessible here.

Villa Savinja, located in the immediate vicinity of the Celje city center, has been renovated into an office building and is intended to house a congress center and a hotel. The building is fit not only to host but also accommodate a large number of guests. Using quality materials, the building was entirely renovated in 2010.

On the ground floor, there is a gallery which can be converted into a restaurant area with a shaded terrace. Alternatively, the ground floor and the first floor can also function as office spaces. The converted loft is made up of three separate apartments, each of them with its own balcony overlooking the Savinja river, the City of Celje, and the Capuchin Monastery.

An office and residential villa in Slovenske Konjice with a four-car garage and a park surrounding the house, located in a residential and commercial area within the planning zone of Slovenske Konjice. The four-story building, which was constructed at the end of 19th century, comprises a vaulted wine cellar in the basement, the ground floor, first floor, and a converted loft. The building also has a one-story garage building.

The land lot is enclosed in a 2.5-meter-high wrought metal fence fixed to a concrete base. There are two driveway entrances with remote-controlled doors. Along with its surroundings, the building was renovated in 2001 and 2002, is well maintained, and in a condition fit for its purpose. Additional information.

2. Investment opportunities in commercial property

A retail facility in the very center of Maribor, located in a pedestrian zone at the intersection of Vetrinjska Street and the Leon Štukelj Square, with designated parking spots for the employees. The area is frequented by an above-average number of people.

The premises span across three floors, namely the basement (1,142 m2), ground floor with display windows (750 m2), and first floor (804 m2). The individual floors are connected by escalators and the delivery of goods is facilitated with a freight elevator. The total ground area amounts to 2,696 m2. The building is regularly maintained and is in perfect condition. It was built in 1970 and completely renovated in 2004. You can find additional information here.

Partly rented office building at an excellent location in the heart of Maribor, located at Leon Štukelj Square 12. The building was constructed in 1970 and comprises two basement floors, a ground floor, and four additional floors. The loft construction was carried out in 1992. Between 2000 and 2004, the building was reconstructed and fully renovated into a modern office building.

The building is protected as part of the Slovenian cultural heritage. It is accessed from the street, which is part of a pedestrian zone. Parking is possible right next to the building. The property is partially rented out. You can find additional information at this link.

A well maintained, rented office building at a superb location in Belgrade, Serbia, which represents a one-of-a-kind opportunity for investors. The property is being sold together with a newly established commercial company.

The office building, found at the address Milutina Milankovića 7V, is part of the Novi Beograd commercial area in Serbia. Constructed in 2008, the building is well maintained. Comprising an office part (B + GF + 4F) and a car salon (B + GF + gallery), its total ground area amounts 12,826.28 m2. The building stands on a land lot measuring 6,606 m2. Parking spots are found directly in front of the building and in the subterranean parking lot. Additional information here.




3. Development lands

A construction land at an excellent location on Vilharjeva Street, near the center of Ljubljana, in the total size of 10,244 m2. The lot is partially occupied by multiple buildings with a total usable ground area of 3,437 m2.

The buildings are older and suitable for demolition. A part of the land lot is currently rented out to a parking manager who uses the land lot for their business. In accordance with the current municipal spatial plan, the said area is suitable for the construction of residential, tourist, and commercial facilities. A community infrastructure levy in the sum of 1.500,000 EUR has been paid for the property. Additional information on the land lot can be found at this link.

A building lot in Slovenska Bistrica located at an excellent site only a few hundred meters away from the exit from the Maribor-Celje highway (Slovenska Bistrica - south exit). The land lot slopes at the back and, on one side, it borders the industrial zone that begins with the Almonta building. In accordance with the current construction plan, approximately a third of the lot is scheduled for commercial construction, while a municipal detailed spatial plan needs to be drawn up for the remainder of the land lot (either for commercial or residential purpose, depending on the needs of the investor).

A shopping area with a Spar store can be found close to the building, along with other commercial objects. The land lot, which has regulated access, measures 62,700 m2 and provides a wonderful opportunity for land development according to the investor's wishes.

The largest building lot in Slovenia with a one-of-a-kind strategic position near the A3 highway and the Sežana highway exit. The land lots are located at the edge of the settlement, in a closely built industrial and commercial neighborhood directly beside the regional route and rail tracks. The land lot can be accessed directly from the local road.

The property encompasses multiple lots that are level, have no connection to utility supplies, and boast a structure geologically favorable for construction. On account of the good strategic position and the integration of the area in the international economic structure, the land lot is suitable for large logistic companies, especially due to the close proximity of Trieste and Port Koper. Additional information accessible here.

A building lot in the future Želodnik industrial park, located in the immediate proximity of the A1 highway (Ljubljana-Maribor). Intended for industrial and commercial use, the land lot boasts an exceptional strategic position - it is located near the future motorway Krtina-Vodice that will connect the A1 and A2 highways (Ljubljana-Kranj).

The area is scheduled for the construction of a modern commercial park that will house a variety of commercial activities: from offices, manufacture, and handcrafts to retail, logistics, and other commercial activities. The location of the land lot allows for good traffic connections with the rest of Slovenia and its neighboring countries (Croatia, Italy, Austria, and Hungary). The lot has connections to utility supplies, is close to an airport (15 km), and measures 64 hectares.

A developed construction land at an elite location directly on the sea shore, known as Shipyard Izola. Located on the northwestern side of the peninsula in the Municipality of Izola, only 500 m away from the old city center. The land lot boasts a magnificent view of Triglav and the Italian Dolomites.

The land features a working shipyard used for yacht and boat repairs, and other old industrial objects that are suitable for demolition. The property is easily accessible and connected to public utility supplies. According to the new proposition in the municipal detailed spatial plan, the area is designated for tourism development. You can find additional information at this link.

The Argolina Complex in Izola is a developed and non-developed construction land at an elite location immediately beside the marina in the center of Izola, offering an exceptional view of the Dolomites.

The area is mostly designated for tourism with accommodation, while a small portion of the land is also dedicated to green areas. The land lot is located within the Marina Construction Plan area, where a revitalization of the degraded industrial areas is scheduled.

The purchase of the project company Argolina d.o.o. is optional. Additional information here.

A building lot at a peaceful and attractive site, immediately next to the Royal Bled Golf Course, measuring 29,962 m2 and located beside the Alpska Street that connects the town centers of Lesce and Bled. The level and fenced land lot is occupied by multiple small buildings (572 m2) suitable for demolition. The access to the lot is regulated by means of an asphalt road. In accordance with the applicable municipal spatial plan, the land lot is intended for catering, cultural, recreational, and entertainment commercial activities. More information here.

A restaurant and bowling alley at a unique location directly on the sea shore in Portorož, near Marina Portorož and Hotel Metropol. The property comprises the Tavern Restaurant with its auxiliary and technical facilities (a total of 1,493 m2), a bowling alley with residential units on the first floor (a total of 1,008 m2), and the access road with approximately 120 parking spots. The access road is co-owned by Marina Portorož d.d., meaning that 60 parking spots are subject to the purchase agreement. Additional information accessible at this link.

4. Commercial and retail property

The modern and quality-built commercial and residential building Eda Center in the center of Nova Gorica was built in 2011. The building is 20 stories high with 5 underground floors designated for parking, 3 ground floors for retail, 8 floors for offices, and 4 floors for residential units. All the residential units have already been sold, while many commercial facilities are still available for purchase or lease. The good location in the city center accounts for a high frequency of passers-by and, consequently, higher revenues in retail.

More than 6,000 m2 of the retail facilities across the three ground floors and a high number of parking spots in the subterranean parking lot will be rented out, and approximately 4,000 m2 of modern office facilities in the upper floors will be sold. All the business facilities are flexibly arranged and will been completed based on the needs and wishes of the users.

The retail and commercial center NOVA at an excellent location in Velenje is mostly rented out. Remaining the subject of the sale are stores and restaurants at the center. The building is located beside the main arterial road, in a predominantly commercial part of the city, with Spar and Mercator stores and a large parking garage nearby.

The retail has the following multi-story structure: B + GH + F + L. The floors are connected by an external elevator and by external stairs. Approximately two thirds of the units measuring from 10 to 400 m2 are rented out. The net ground area of the retail center amounts to 4,144 m2. The parking areas for guests are provided in front of the building. The building is well maintained, in perfect condition, and you can check the price here.

The Kotnikova and Metelkova parking garage in the center of Ljubljana has 670 parking spots spanning across three-story subterranean parking lot. The parking garage can be accessed from Metelkova Street and in part from Kotnikova Street. The parking garage is located close to the city center and the main railway station. There is also a carwash service operating as part of the parking facility. The parking garage is being sold for EUR 5.000,000 + VAT.

Parking spots in Pobrežje, Maribor, found in a new commercial and residential building constructed in 2009. The 85 spots are located in the basement of the building at Vlajka Vlahoviča 64 and accessed from the back of the building.

Naturally, the list of the business properties is much longer. You can access it at

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