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Crisis made Slovenian consumers rational, survey suggests


According to Robinšak, consumers have relaxed following the crisis and are spending more, but the process of buying has not changed since. Consumers still conduct a thorough research on the internet before deciding on a purchase.

The survey, conducted between August and November, targeted four groups of products: holidays (153 respondents), consumer electronics (150 consumers), loans (103 consumers), and cars (150 consumers).

Robinšak said that holidays were among the first categories of products where the internet is becoming the dominant channel, with 56% of the respondents purchasing a holiday package online.

In electronics, 53% of consumers shopped online, while those searching for loans or cars mostly used the internet for obtaining information only.

With loans, consumers still prefer to check information in person, with the speed, counselling and conditions playing a major role in deciding on a loan.

With cars, most respondents searched for information online, but made the purchase in person.

Leon Brenčič of Iprom agency for online advertising, which collaborated in the survey, said social media were the main sources of information.

According to him, blockchain technology, high-speed networks and the internet of things will direct the trends in business quite soon.

According to the survey, conducted between August and November 2017, the share of 15-65-year-olds using a smartphone jumped from 45% in 2012 to 85% last year. In 2015, the share stood at 76%.

The share of those using mobile banking doubled to 30% from 2015. 24% of the respondents used mobile phones for shopping, which compares to 20%, who used it in 2015.


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