The Slovenia Times

Večer suspects hidden agenda behind Gorenje developments


It says that the legs of Gorenje's management tend to shake at least a little bit in such situations and wonders about a possible hidden agenda behind the developments.

Gorenje's workers have staged successful strikes three times in recent years, with the large size of the workforce proving their major strength.

Faced with such a force, the management has to give in. A strike, especially one lasting several days, would result in millions of losses for the company.

What is more, the longer the strike would last, the greater momentum it would generate, it would become like a rolling snowball that cannot even be controlled by the trade union.

Given that there is a new strategic buyer conducting due diligence at Gorenje - the fact that Panasonic left after due diligence is very telling - and that the workers can trigger major unrest, the question arises about who it is that wants to get this snowball rolling. And above all, with what kind of hidden intentions. This will be clear sooner or later.


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