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VLM Airlines adds Munich and Maribor to its network from Antwerp


For the first time, Antwerp is now officially linked to Maribor, the second operational base of VLM Airlines via Munich. Although the Oktoberfest may well be the most famous event in Munich, the elegant Bavarian capital has much more to offer than beer. It is a city of tradition with a modern touch and a very large cultural offer, where boutiques, tasty cuisine and edgy subcultures flourish in the shade of the Frauenkirche.

"Not only is Germany the most important export market for Flanders, German companies are also the third biggest investor in our region. Companies will welcome the new route between Antwerp and Munich as it creates an additional opportunity to strengthen the trade relations between both regions", stated Bart Boschmans, Flanders Investment & Trade Representative in Munich.

Saša Pelko, vice-mayor of Maribor said: "Maribor is Slovenia's second largest city and was in 2012 and 2013 respectively the European Capital of Culture and European Youth Capital. This year, Maribor is European Sports City and European Capital of the Social Economy. Maribor's favourable geographical location in the vicinity of four transport corridors has a positive impact on the economic development of the region."

Doris Urbančič Windisch, director of the Maribor-Pohorje Tourist Board, added: "Although Maribor is one of the tourist hotspots in Europe, the region is a real gem that has not yet been flooded by large groups of tourists. Our city is renowned for the oldest vine in the world. With its nearby ski resorts, Maribor is one of the most interesting sports destinations in Europe. Many national teams are organising training camps here."

Fantastic launch fares during 48 hours

Tickets are available from EUR 59 for one-way journey via At the occasion of the festive opening of the new routes, VLM Airlines announced that on 12 and 13 February the carrier is offering special launch fares for only EUR 19 per one-way journey on the routes from Antwerp and Maribor to Munich and for only EUR 39 on the flights from Munich to Antwerp and Maribor. These fares are inclusive of airport charges and are valid for travel from 26 February to the end of June.

About VLM Airlines

VLM Airlines currently operates scheduled flights on the routes Antwerp-London City Airport, Antwerp-Zurich, Antwerp-Munich and Maribor-Munich. The aircraft of VLM Airlines also perform charter, ACMI and private flights from Antwerp, Brussels and other European airports.

VLM Airlines employs more than 100 aviation professionals. The fleet consists of 6 Fokker 50 turboprop aircraft and 2 Airbus A320-200s, which are all registered in Belgium. The A320 has 180 passenger seats while the Fokker 50 can carry 50 passengers.

The Belgian company SHS Antwerp Aviation N.V. is a subsidiary of the Dutch investment company SHS Aviation B.V. The Slovenian company VLM Airlines d.d. is a subsidiary of SHS Antwerp Aviation. Both SHS Antwerp Aviation N.V. and VLM Airlines d.d. are developing airline activities under the common trading name 'VLM Airlines'.



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