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Bad bank expecting bumper results for 2017


The bad bank will release full-year results by the end of April. In the first six months of the year it posted a profit of EUR 17.1m on EUR 246.4m in inflows.

Cash flow generation for the year was "well above 400 million euro, which is more than 20% of the cumulative original value of the assets and more than double of the statutory minimum."

Costs were below plan and the number of employees dropped as well, according to him.

The BAMC currently has EUR 650m in non-performing loans, about EUR 200m-worth of real estate, and roughly EUR 100m in equity.

At asset transfer, its portfolio was 90% loans, a share that has now dropped to two-thirds, Balogh said.

With many companies already successfully restructured, Balogh indicated selling the remaining assets would be more challenging, though there are still numerous exciting assets in the portfolio.

Balogh said about 200 sales transactions were ongoing and at various stages of procedure.

The BAMC is currently awaiting the results of an audit into operations in 2014-2015.

Balogh said he could not speak about the content of the audit, but he was hopeful the Court of Audit will have seen the numerous improvements the bad bank has undertaken since.

The BAMC perceives the audit as an additional incentive to improve. "The process was demanding, but it has benefited both organisations to fulfil their mission," he said.


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