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MIPIM 2018: Urbanity being defined as the quality of character of life in a city or town



97 real estate projects from 24 countries will be showcased at MIPIM 2018. Can you share some highlights about the major international real estate projects?

MIPIM is the annual rendez-vous point for the entire real estate industry: developers, architects, investors, brokers, public and private entities etc. This year we expect to welcome over 24,500 participants from 100 countries, including 3,100 exhibiting companies. Over 1,000 real estate projects will be presented at MIPIM, so it is impossible to pick just one! We have drafted a selection of some of the highly anticipated projects from around the world that will be on show at this year's edition. Please follow the link.

MIPIM puts a special focus on the hotel and tourism sector with the announcement of rapid evolution in the sector. What are the future stand-out concepts in this field that MIPIM will reveal?

Hotels with an urban view: room for innovation (March 15th at 10h00), is a stand- out conference session that will highlight those new hotel concepts opening to meet the demands of today's highly discerning globetrotters. Discussion range across co-living concepts to generator hostels, as well as new luxury hotel offerings, which are taking on a leaner, smarter look. High level speakers will give their points on view on these new trends. They include Serge Trigano, President, Mama Shelter (a hotel chain which creates and choreographs lively accommodation and restaurant facilities that are seen as true urban refuges); Guy Nixon, Founder and Chief Executive, Go Native (which provides serviced apartments in the UK for corporate executives and leisure travellers) and Sharan Parischa, CEO, The Hoxton (an open house hotel concept, inspired by the streets and scenes that surround them).



According to PwC an optimistic outlook prevails throughout most of Europe's property industry, however the industry is becoming more complex. Therefore will need new ways of collaborating outside traditional industry boundaries and new business models to survive and compete in the new real estate ecosystem. What have been the trends on the go so far?

Indeed with time comes change and a need to adapt and innovate. This brings to mind the thematic of this year's edition of MIPIM; Mapping World Urbanity (urbanity being defined as the quality of character of life in a city or town). This theme carries on from our discussion on the New Deal for Real Estate which was the theme of MIPIM 2017. 

This rise of connected-urban areas is reconfiguring the map of world urbanity, and in many cases positioning the city as the economic powerhouse rather than the state. By 2030, 91% of growth in global consumption will come from city dwellers and by 2050, 63% of people in emerging countries will live in cities. So there is much to discuss on the best strategies for building cities in this increasingly globalised world. Public and private stakeholders need to explore on a global level the life in cities in the future, the evolving role of local authorities and the creation of new city models. For the real estate professional, the route to maximising returns is to achieve the right balance between a global vision and a local strategy that considers local specificities. New technologies have also an impact on the property industry and we'll launch in Paris in June a dedicated event, MIPIM PropTech Europe bringing together property and tech companies.

The 10th consecutive year Slovenian capital the city of Ljubljana is taking part in MIPIM 2018. How does the world's leading property fair perceive its presence? 

We are delighted to welcome back Slovenia's capital for its 10th consecutive year to MIPIM, as well as Mr. Janez Koželj Deputy Mayor of Ljubljana. Slovenia is a country with true MIPIM roots. Ljubljana's loyal presence year-on-year allows international investors to have a long-term view on urban developments in the country and this is an important point for them. The presence of a leader of the city also reinforces the communication on the global real estate stage that is MIPIM.


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