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Uroš Novak named deputy head of anti-graft watchdog


Announcing the appointment, Pahor's office said that Novak had received a positive assessment from two vetting commissions in different line-ups in 2014 and 2018.

Pahor was also persuaded by Novak's "convincing" presentation of his vision of the watchdog's mission in a lengthy interview with him, as well as by his successful public presentation on Thursday.

Novak, born in 1986 and with an MA in public administration, has been working for the railway operator Slovenske Železnice, having previously served as tax inspector at the Financial Administration.

The president's office said that through his professional and leadership experience, his past work record and his testified insight into the watchdog's mission Novak met the high criteria for successful performance of the post.

Novak fills the post that has been vacant since Alma Sedlar stepped down in September 2017 over bitter disputes with Boris Štefanec, the much criticised president of the anti-graft watchdog.

"The president is voicing the expectation of the broadest public that the Commission will successfully focus on prevention of corruption as its main mission and will apply its powers to contribute to its gradual eradication," the release from Pahor's office reads.

In his public presentation Novak pledged to pursue transparency and integrity as his guiding principles if he is appointed to the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption.

Being that he sees systemic corruption as the biggest problem in Slovenia, he believes that systemic measures are needed, as is a new resolution on the prevention of corruption.

Novak will join Štefanec as the head and Igor Lambergar as another deputy on the Commission's three-strong leadership.

Štefanec commented on the appointment by stating that Novak's eagerness would complement "the determination of the Commission head and deputy head that aims for the same goal - combat against corruption and everything related to the field in Slovenia".

Štefanec expects that the full bench at its helm would enable the watchdog to perform its work and duties even more actively.


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