The Slovenia Times

Paper reflects on state of wood processing industry


The newspaper says in Better a Chair than a Board that the signing of long-term contracts with domestic wood processing companies is a step in the right direction. This means that state-owned wood will be processed in Slovenia, but this is only the first goal.

The second goal is taking the processing to as high a degree as possible, meaning turning wood into products with as much added value as possible - this also means more jobs.

It would thus be good if SiDG differentiated between buyers who process wood of lower quality and those who want to substantially increase its value. So far no such criteria have been set.

Those processing higher quality wood are additionally disadvantaged by the fact that there is much more low quality wood around due to sanitation harvesting.

What is more, the top quality wood is more likely to be found in woods owned by the state, these however only make up 5% of the entire surface area of forests in the country. Thus the newspaper highlights the need to also secure responsible forest management in private forests.


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