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Govt seeks to rescue EU funds for Koper-Divača project


The implementation of the project has been stalled because the legislation governing the project has been suspended until the Supreme Court decides whether the September 2017 referendum that endorsed the law was valid.

Infrastructure Ministry State Secretary Jure Leben said that, as part of ongoing talks on the project with the Commission, Slovenia was seeking to "rescue" the EUR 44m approved for the project.

2TDK, the company incorporated by the government to manage the project, has the right to draw these funds, but it does not have the necessary concession because the law providing for it has not been implemented.

This is why Slovenia has sent to Brussels a draft annex to the financing agreement transferring the right to the use of the funds to the Infrastructure Agency and the ministry.

Slovenia is also in talks with Brussels over how to draw the EUR 109m won in a blending call. It has proposed the part of the agreement talking about a financial contribution from Slovenia and Hungary should be changed so that it says a contribution from Slovenia and another European country.

Leben said that Slovenia was forced to look for alternatives because Hungary was "in a bad mood" over the media and political pressure against its involvement in Slovenia.

Nevertheless, Slovenia has proposed dates for talks to Hungary and was awaiting an answer. "We reckon we'll be able to draw up a report on the talks for the government in May and I hope we may at least initial an inter-governmental agreement in this term."


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