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Govt backs plans to build two wind farms


Zajčica, to be built in the municipality of Divača (SW), is planned to have nine wind turbines, and Ojstrica in the municipality of Dravograd (NE) three.

According to the government, the goal is to increase the share of energy produced from renewables in line with the country's energy policy and energy legislation.

The Zajčica farm will spread on the hills of Zajčica, Na Gavgah and Strmec, and the Osjtrica one will be built on the slopes between Morijev Vrh and Košenjak.

However, there is still a long way before a wind farm is built, especially since the plans for the two wind farms are opposed by locals.

But if the investors get locals on board and everything goes according to plans, the national zoning plans for Zajčica and Ojstrica could be adopted in roughly two and a half years, according to the Environment and Spatial Planning Ministry.

In Dravograd, a civil initiative group is worried about the farm's impact on public health and the damage that it could cause to the environment.

The group also criticises the investor, hydro power station operator Dravske Elektrarne Maribor, for putting profit before any other goal.

There was strong opposition to wind farms in Slovenia before, so only two wind turbines have so far been erected, both in the windy south-west.


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