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Tax Reform



d in an interview for the newspaper Delo that the Finance Ministry has reached an agreement with the coalition of government parties to accelerate the adjustment of political promises and tax legislation. Negotiators are going to debate taxes on agriculture and sports. In addition they will adopt an agreement about the taxation of managers and tax allowances for children. Social Partners' Response Representatives from Trade Unions, the Chamber of Craft of Slovenia and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia commented on these plans and made their own proposals. Dusan Rebolj, president of the Economic and Social Council, recommended that the Finance Ministry consider these proposals and remarks. Members of the council announced to the finance minister that he should expect another meeting of the council about taxation if the government's draft proposals drift away from the valid social agreement. State Secretary Milojka Kolar, explained that the Ministry has held exhaustive talks with the Trade Unions. She added that some further adjustments in the field of compensations for dismissal, in order to prevent possible abuses (such as the illegal paying out of compensation for dismissal), are needed. Corporation Tax The Finance Ministry and the Slovene Chamber of Commerce and Industry are adjusting corporation taxation. Investment relief will be reduced from 20 to 10 percent. The Ministry also intends to reduce the list of investments, entitled to relief. Miran Sotlar, from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry pointed out that the average level of the pay-differential tax five had risen from 3.5 percent five years ago to 5.6 percent today. Finance minister Mramor shares the opinion of the Ministries of Economy and Science that investment relief should be focused on research and technological development rather than investment relief focused on objects.


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