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Slovenians creatures of habit, trusted brands survey indicates


Firefighters are trusted by 97.6% of the respondents in the Trusted Brand survey. Nurses and pilots also enjoy trust by more than 90% of the respondents, followed by doctors and farmers just below the 90% mark.

Politicians remain at the bottom end of the list of trusted professions, with mistrust in them at 94.8%, which is 0.4 points more than last year. In the eyes of respondents, priests, trade union leaders, judges and financial advisors are slightly more trustworthy than politicians.

In terms of institutions, Slovenians trust marriage, euro, television and radio, printed media and international companies the most.

Parallelly to the low trust in judges, more than 82% of the respondents do not trust the justice system, with the figure slightly better than last year. Almost three quarters of the respondents have no faith in Church. Meanwhile, the share of those who mistrust the government dropped from 84.4% to 78.9% in the latest survey.

The most trustworthy personas are TV host Slavko Bobovnik, radio host Denis Avdić, polka band Ansambel Saša Avsenika, businessman Ivo Boscarol and basketball player Goran Dragić.

According to the survey, people largely believe that athletes contribute the most to Slovenia's reputation in the world, while politicians are again at the bottom end of the list.

Among various brands, the respondents singled out car maker Renault, home appliance maker Gorenje, electronics maker HP, honey-product maker Medex, toymaker Lego, Nivea cosmetics, Fructal juices, prefabricated house maker Marles, footwear maker Alpina, mineral water Radenska, Zlatorog Laško beer, Barcaffe coffee, dairy Ljubljanske Mlekarne, 1001 Cvet infusions, Dormeo mattresses and Jupol paints.

In ICT, Slovenians prefer Samsung, Telemach and Telekom Slovenije, in services tour operator Sonček, NLB bank, insurer Zavarovalnica Triglav, energy company Petrol, sports equipment retailer Hervis, grocer Mercator, Thermana Laško spa and Rogla ski resort.

Ena Žlahtna Štorija is the favourite Slovenian soap opera, and POP TV, Val 202 and Slovenske Novice the leading media outlets.

Mercator was also selected to the top brands in environmental protection, alongside electricity trader GEN-I and cleaning products maker Frosch.

Subscribers to Readers' Digest Slovenija picked their trusted brands in 32 categories. Category winners will receive decorations at a ceremony at Cankarjev Dom arts centre on 22 May.


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