The Slovenia Times

Slovenia to issue EUR 97m-worth of T-bills


Demand for six-month T-bills topped EUR 107m, with the annual coupon rate ranging form -0.38% to -0.31%. The ministry will issue EUR 35m-worth of T-bills, maturing on 13 September

Meanwhile, the state will issue EUR 62m-worth of 12-month bills with the annual coupon rate of -0.36% after demand reached EUR 177m, with the coupon rates between -0.50% and -0.30%.

According to a release on the ministry's website, the intention had been to issue EUR 80m-worth of bills, but the ministry decided to take on more debt.

This is the second T-bill issue this year. In February, Slovenia issued three-, six- and twelve-month bills worth a total of EUR 84m.


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