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Global Pitch: Slovenian knowledge is reshaping the future of healthcare


The Smart Blood Analytics algorithm does not and should not substitute doctors. Instead, it is a doctor's best and most loyal assistant and can potentially give the right diagnosis, confirm a diagnosis or expand differential diagnoses. It can, however, greatly improve the diagnostic process as doctors are able to make more accurate decisions more quickly, which means better outcomes for patients and reduced cost to the healthcare system.

Blood tests play a crucial role in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of a disease. An estimated 60-70 percent of all decisions regarding a patient's diagnosis and treatment, hospital admission and discharge, are based on blood test results. The true power of laboratory test results is frequently underestimated because clinical laboratories tend to report test results as numerical or category thresholds, with physicians mainly concentrating on those values that fall outside the given reference range. As the health care approach focuses on diagnosis and early intervention, quick and accurate interpretation of blood test results is necessary for the quality of patient care and for cost management.

Every disease originates from or causes changes at a cellular and molecular level, which are directly or indirectly almost always detectable by changes in the blood parameter values. These changes can be significant and physicians observe them by monitoring the parameter values that fall outside the normal ranges. However, small changes and/or interactions between multiple different blood parameters that are equally important for detecting pathological patterns (disease "fingerprint"), can easily be overlooked, implying that the overall benefit of blood test results is often underestimated.

The Smart Blood Analytics machine learning algorithm is up to three times better than medical specialists at diagnosing diseases based solely on blood tests, and it is already changing the future of diagnostics. Our mission is to empower the interpretation of blood test results in an unprecedented way for the future. A small part of the team's work was published in the January 2018 Nature Scientific Report (available here)

Founder and CEO
"Healthcare systems are increasingly dependent on reliable blood tests. The true power of a blood test is frequently underestimated, they carry considerably more information than we ever thought. Blood test results are the information, not the knowledge. Both information and knowledge together are the true power of Artificial Intelligence, and are efficiently combined in our Smart Blood Analytics algorithm."

Quality assurance
"Physicians use their knowledge, skill, clinical experience and the opinions of their colleagues to determine a differential diagnosis. I believe that our algorithm is their secret and one of the most loyal colleagues. Smart Blood Analytics is launching globally, therefore we have defined a superior strategy to adhere to the very strict quality controls to meet the regulatory and customer requirements for healthier patients."

"Can we predict a disease based on standard blood tests alone? I thought that sometimes we could. But we, at Smart Blood Analytics, identified that the prediction accuracy exceeded our imagination. It is amazing! Every disease can be tracked at the molecular level and this is reflected in blood parameters."

Artificial Intelligence
"Smart Blood Analytics is at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence in medicine. Even for an expert physician it can (and already does) serve as a trusted colleague, providing a personalized diagnosis. Imagine what it could do for you!"

Ambassador, Physician
"There is little doubt that Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have significant implications for the future, and medicine is no exception. Smart Blood Analytics uses state-of-the-art AI technologies to interpret blood laboratory results to help physicians make decisions, as it can identify subtle signs of disease in blood laboratory results more quickly and more accurately than most physicians.

In our department, the Smart Blood Analytics algorithm has proven useful in some tricky cases by suggesting a diagnosis not previously recognized by physicians, despite the consideration of all of the available clinical data."

Ambassador, Professional Athlete, Student
"As a Laboratory Biomedicine student and professional athlete, I'm aware of the importance of blood tests and their quick interpretation. Health truly is our greatest wealth, and I believe that using technology can improve and speed-up the diagnostic process. Being a Smart Blood Analytics Ambassador doesn't just mean supporting the use of machine learning algorithms in medicine, it also means working and learning from people who strive to do the very best for humanity and use technology in a good and intelligent way."


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