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Slovenia's inward and outward FDI rise


In its latest monthly bulletin, Banka Slovenije reports that inward FDI rose by EUR 630m in the 12 months to the end of January.

The bulk of the increase was in the form of equity and reinvested profit (EUR 343m and EUR 495m), while net debt to foreign owners decreased by EUR 208m.

Outward FDI increased by EUR 26m in January, while declining by EUR 13m in the past 12 months. As of the end of 2017, outward FDI stock was estimated at EUR 5.764bn.

Equity capital increased by EUR 90m, while the decrease was due to negative reinvested profits (EUR -48m) and a drop by EUR 55m in net financing of foreign affiliates.

The gross external debt in January amounted to EUR 42.5bn, which is EUR 1.9bn less than in January 2017.

The general government represented 53% of the figure, followed by other sectors at 38% and banks by 9%.

The general government debt decreased the most, (EUR 0.9bn), followed by declines in the other sectors (EUR 0.7bn) and banks (EUR 0.3bn) and the central bank (EUR 0.3bn).

Gross claims against subjects abroad totalled EUR 33.5bn, down by EUR 0.2bn compared to a year ago.

The net foreign debt stood at EUR 9bn, EUR 2.1bn less than a year ago. Only the general government sector had net debt with abroad in January, at EUR 18.2bn.


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