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Blockchain technologies and the future of business


Blockchain technology can be compared to the internet, when it was launched people thought that it could only be used for email, they could never have imagined the endless possibilities of its use today. The blockchain revolution has only just begun and it's set to infiltrate all industries. Its potential to redefine our interactions in business and society and create new business models seems unlimited. Blockchain based technologies will, in the future, have influence on all business, through payments, governance, B2B service platforms, etc. However, there is still a long way to go before blockchain technology will really infiltrate business and society. It would be a mistake to jump into the innovation potential of blockchain without understanding the technology, its possibilities and constraints. Many people associate blockchain to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and nothing else. Business leaders and innovators need to see beyond that and identify the trends and disruption opportunities of blockchain in their industry or market. LSBC has taken an active role in raising the awareness about blockchain by connecting enterprises for projects, promoting business cases and educating managers


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