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Ski-flying finale in Planica kicks off with qualifiers


Although there are still three events before the season end, it is clear that Polish Kamil Stoch will be the overall World Cup winner, having accumulated sufficient advantage ahead of German Richard Freitag and Norwegian Daniel Andre Tande in Norway's Vikersund last weekend.

The Planica ski flights are very popular among fans, especially when Slovenian jumpers are among the favourites. Unfortunately, they have not been in top form this season.

Jernej Damjan is currently in place 16 on the World Cup leaderboard, followed by Peter Prevc one spot lower.

Nevertheless, Slovenian jumpers have often proved themselves to be exceptional fliers and frequently do very well in team events.

The best Slovenian on the ski-flying leaderboard ahead of Planica is Domen Prevc in fourth place.

Although Slovenian jumpers have had a less successful season than what their fans are used to, the organisers and the police are bracing for crowds in the Upper Sava Valley this weekend, especially because the weekend will likely be sunny.

Special traffic rules will be in place for the first time: buses and vans will not be able to leave the motorway and continue the final leg of the journey unless the passengers on board have tickets to enter the venue.

Free public transportation to the venue will be organised from various points along the main road between Kranjska Gora and Planica for those arriving by car. Spectators are also encouraged to take the train to Jesenice and continue toward Planica by bus. So far, tickets have been sold in more than 30 countries.


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