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Suspensive veto sought for three acts


A veto against amendments to the gaming act that would open the market to foreign sports betting providers is being proposed by a group of councillors headed by Boris Šuštaršič, the head of the National Council of Organisations of Persons with Disabilities.

They argue that the liberalisation of the sports betting market would not have positive effects but rather a negative impact on the financing of disability, humanitarian and even sports organisations.

"An inevitable consequence of opening the betting market would be an increase in prize funds, which would mean less concession fees. The law passed is too much of a risk for the established system of sustainable and stable funding of disability, humanitarian and sports organisations."

The law, sponsored by Branko Zorman, an MP for the senior coalition Modern Centre Party (SMC), was passed by 35 votes against 26. To override the veto, the National Assembly would need to pass the law by an absolute majority of 46 votes in a revote, which it is unlikely to muster.

The councillors also oppose a reform act on real estate agencies because of the great number of amendments passed during the legislative process which they say make the solutions inconsistent and will "cause exceptional difficulties in implementing the law".

They say that the government-sponsored law would have a negative impact on the legal security of all stakeholders in real estate transactions and lead to a substantial increase in legal disputes.

They believe certain solutions in the law such as a cap on commissions contravene the Constitution.

They want a veto on on the amendments to the agriculture act which introduce the possibility of temporary or short-term employment in agriculture.

The councillors argue that the law would disrupt how the labour market is regulated in Slovenia, which would in turn result in "substantial reduction of legal security of people doing that kind of work".


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