The Slovenia Times

Finance calls for business-stimulating environment


The sale of Bitstamp is logical; owners Nejc Kodrič and Damijan Merlak want to cash in on their company, which according to the paper could make them around US$400m.

This could become the next big international deal involving Slovenian-founded companies following the sale of Outfit7 for US$1bn last year.

In the case of Outfit7, a lot of money made its way back to Slovenia and it will likely be the same with Bitstamp, the newspaper writes under To Get US$400m in Seven Years.

"It does not matter if you believe in applications or cryptocurrencies and what you think of them. It is good that companies that are interesting for others are created in Slovenia."

Employees in these companies generally have high pay, they do creative work, they are internationally linked and they have above average level of knowledge.

That is why it would be better to focus more attention on what has to be done for more big and interesting companies to emerge than on which company or which bank Slovenia should privatise or not, the paper concludes.


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