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Hidria now also with inspiring research and innovation premises in the capital


Since the contemporary technical and technological development requires companies to be flexible, highly responsive and to establish connections, with motivated expert and competent staff being crucial, Hidria decided to also enable to its developers in the areas of mechanical engineering, metallurgy, physics, chemistry, IT and electrical engineering realisation of their innovative ideas in the capital of Slovenia. We are opening a specialised Hidria Research and Innovation Centre RIC in the Brdo Technology Park, Ljubljana. The attractive location for highly educated staff will enable the development staff of the corporation - especially those residing in the Ljubljana Basin, connected with the development at Hidria's sites in Spodnja Idrija, Tolmin, Koper, Kranj or Jesenice, as well as other Hidria's employees - to research, search for and develop new ideas.



Owing to its long-term development of product lines in the area of car and industrial technology, Hidria constantly requires highly educated experts. In addition to the local Hidria's environments, it now specifically addresses the Ljubljana Basin, where experts, engineers, developers and innovators from all Slovenia usually arrive. At the RIC, Hidria will offer to experts state-of-the-art development equipment for in-mould vision and electrical measurements. The Centre will also enable Hidria to mutually connect its development hubs in Slovenia, Germany, Hungary and China, and to exchange important information with institutes (National Institute of Chemistry, Jo┼żef Stefan Institute), the faculties of the University of Ljubljana and Maribor (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Chemistry and Chemical Technology) and other knowledge centres (National Building and Civil Engineering Institute, excellence centres etc.).




The Ljubljana faculties and institutes are an important source of young innovative developers, whom Hidria now addresses also by an inspiring and encouraging work environment in the capital. In the development of individual solutions, it also gives them room for the so-called out-of-box or unconventional ideas, suiting the extreme tempo of contemporary progress. With Hidria's expert and technological team, the RIC will thus make an important strategic move closer to the educational institutions, where Hidria's grantees also study. In this way, they will be additionally motivated to cooperate with the corporation. As a European and global leader in its segments, the latter has received many international awards for its innovative solutions. In the last five years, it allocated over EUR 110 million to high technology equipment, research and development, and this year additional EUR 30 million will be allocated.




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