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Planika plans to become leading manufacturer of trekking boots


The company in the north-eastern town of Turnišče generated EUR 28m in sales revenue last year, up one million euro from the year before. This year, it plans to increase revenue by a further EUR 2m.

Planika made 2,100 pairs of trekking boost a day last year, but plans to increase production to 2,400-2,500 pairs a day this year. At the annual level, it would produce around half a million pairs.

According to the company, its capacities are filed by the end of the year, while new orders continue coming in, which is why the company will increase capacities both at home and with partners.

Stanko Draškovič, the technical director, said that the company wants to remain stable among the leading global producers, and to influence market and product development.

"I believe that this is the only right development policy, because it's not all about revenue and profit growth. It's about sustainability, progress and maintaining position at the top of the European market."

He said that the company should not suffer any major shocks: "Swings in orders are possible, but we can adapt quickly and can take a 30% oscillation of the market in stride."

Draškovič attributes the recent significant increase in orders to positive global trends and to an increase in public orders. The latter, particularly for various police forces and armies, account for around 30% of Planika's production.

The company makes 95% of its footwear under the trademark of Meindl, the German company which owns 50% in Planika. The Slovenian company employs 230 people in Turnišče and another 700 with partner companies in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.


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