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New natural gas generator in Brestanica enters trial operation


The power plant based in Brestanica in eastern Slovenia covered 70% of the EUR 35m investment with its own funds, and the rest with loans.

According to TEB director Tomislav Malgaj, the construction had started in April 2016 as part of the plan to replace three natural gas generator which have been in operation since 1975.

He said that the lifespan of the old generators is nearing end despite regular maintenance and a relatively low number of working hours, and that their technology did not meet the newest environmental standards.

The core of the new generator is a SGT 8000 natural gas turbine with the installed power of 53 megawatts, which can be brought to full capacity in only 13 minutes.

This is the first replacement generator build in the newly constructed building, which has room for another generator. A decision on the construction of another generator will be made at the end of 2018.

The TEB is a leading provider of systemic solutions of tertiary regulation in the Slovenian power supply system. It serves as a reserve provider in case of outages of large generators or other disturbances in the system.


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