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25th Carinthian evening: Dance like no other in Slovenia!


Carinthia is a magical landscape in Slovenia, bordering Austria where it finds its Austrian name - Kaernten. The Carinthian people have a unique attitude to their native land - they carry it in their hearts and respectfully weave it into their lives wherever they are. For decades, the Carinthian people in Ljubljana have come together through the Carinthian Club of Ljubljana, under the long-term leadership of Mag. Janko Arah and his strong team of diligent board members.

The Carinthian Club of Ljubljana is a remarkably active social club which serves as the focal meeting point for the Carinthian community, bringing together members at many events, the most notable being the gala, Carinthian-themed, ball.



The cultural entertainment program this year was completely Carinthian and was led by Renata Picej, with the entertainment provided by the guitarist and energetic singer, Dunja Vrhovnik and famous cantor, Milan Kamnik, with Robert Vidali and Marjana Mlinar, the renowned singer and teacher of solo singing respectively. They entertained the guests well into the night! To top it off, Doroteja Omahen, head of "Carinthian cooking", prepared traditional Carinthian recipes from the legendary housewife, Franja Stern Ledinek (born in 1920), with the experienced team from Hotel Lev. Guests also enjoyed sweet and savoury delights from Carinthia prepared exclusively by the Delalut guesthouse. All in all, an evening not to forget!



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