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New owner of Krvavec ski resort wants state funds


Alpska Investicijska Družba, a Ljubljana-based investment firm which recently acquired RTC Krvavec from tool maker Unior, is controlled by businessman Janez Janša (not to be confused with the namesake politician).

Janša said for Friday's edition of Finance that "we will work better than before", but noted that RTC Krvavec had around EUR 5m in debt to banks, and that it needed EUR 10-50m in investments.

"We don't have this kind of money. Ski lifts don't bring enough money so that we could invest in new equipment. We're counting on the state to subsidise or buy some new equipment.

"I will not go into debt any deeper, this only makes you tremble as you await the day when you start sinking," Janša told Finance.

Janša also announced that the supervisory board of RTC Krvavec would be replaced at the shareholders' meeting in mid-May, when he will take over as the manager.

He wants to become the sole owner of RTC Krvavec, with Alpska Investicijska Družba having already published a bid to take over the remaining 1.44% of the shares.

RTC Krvavec last year generated EUR 474,000 in net profit, which is about six times more than in 2016.


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