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Mayors believe circular economy key for city development


The debate was opened by Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Janković, who said that all cities should adopt the rules of green capitals, noting that the Slovenian capital had had the title of the European Green Capital in 2016.

Among the circular economy projects in Ljubljana, he singled out the RCERO regional waste management centre, expressing hope that the centre will be upgraded in five years to be able to make gas out of waste.

Murska Sobota Mayor Aleksander Jevšek meanwhile pointed to the regional waste management centre Zeleni Rudnik, noting that 50% of the entire waste brought to the centre was transformed into usable material.

A reuse centre has also been established in the city, with Jevšek saying that the investment had been welcomed by the residents.

Ptuj Mayor Miran Senčar focused on waste sorting, noting that the city had obtained the environmental permit for a waste management centre, adding that Ptuj wanted to cooperate with the nearby Maribor.

Slovenj Gradec Mayor Andrej Čas believes that the principles of circular economy are a must, adding that local communities and the private sector needed to be aware of that. He pointed to energy sources management as a successful project in the municipality.

Georgi Bangiev of the Koper Municipality pointed to the port of Koper as a challenge, labelling it as a "city within a city".

What comes with the port are emissions and noise, with the local authorities seeing a solution in connecting vessels to the electricity network. The relevant technology is being developed, he added.

Nova Gorica Mayor Matej Arčon pointed to the connecting role of the city at the regional level and across the border with Italy.

The municipality has purchased around five hectares of land, of which 55,000 sq metres will be used for a cross-border economic zone, he said, adding that the local authorities were thinking about investing in e-mobility.

Maribor Mayor Andrej Fištravec said that circular economy had become the vision of all five utility companies in the city, while Novo Mesto Mayor Gregor Macedoni pointed to successful energy efficiency improvement projects in the city.

Velenje Deputy Mayor Peter Dermol stressed that the local authorities in the city were implementing all projects with the environment on their minds.

The city was so polluted 30 years ago that the life was very difficult, but the air is now exceptionally clean thanks to various projects and the good cooperation between politics and businesses, he added.


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