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E-cars make it across Slovenia without single filling stop


Ignac Završnik, the president of the association E-Mobility Slovenia, said the trip undermined the prejudice that one cannot get far with an e-car.

Završnik and Marjan Božič each drove their car, starting the trip at the Vinarium tower on a hill near Lendava.

Završnik did not leave the motorway, driving Slovenia's longest motorway segment, a total of 308 kilometres. He arrived in Portorož with his battery capacity at 3%.

Božič, who is a more experienced e-car driver, according to Završnik, finished the drive with his battery at 13%. He did however shorten the route by nearly 20 kilometres by diverting off the motorway for a segment of the trip.

Završnik underlined that the trip was carried out without any complications. "Above all, we overcame the obstacle in people's minds about the range" of electric cars.".

Currently, there are about 800 electric cars registered in Slovenia, of which some 500 are owned by companies, and the rest by individuals.


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