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EU conference points to different views on coop, speaker says


However, Brglez, who is taking part in the two-day conference in Tallinn, said that Brexit had made countries realise that the future must be addressed more inclusively and that all members must have a say in decision-making.

On the other hand, the future development of the bloc depends on the compromises made in German and French alliance, Brglez said on the final day of the conference, adding that Slovenia advocated equality of all members.

It is a fact that the bloc was built on judiciary rules that are applied differently when it comes to big and small countries, Brglez believes.

"If we don't abolish this, the legitimacy of the EU in the eyes of its citizens will be reduced further," he stressed.

"Moreover, all this concern for security must be balanced with human rights. If we forget this foundation, on which the EU was built ... we have a very tough future ahead," the speaker added.

Turning to the Permanent Structured Cooperation on Security and Defence (PESCO), Brglez said that a majority of countries supported the project, but that the United Kingdom would have been a welcome addition as it was considered an important factor for common security.

At the meeting, Brglez pointed out that the EU was not proactive enough in preventive measures such as reducing levels of radicalisation. The EU is not an arms bloc, it has other mechanisms to ensure its safety, he said.


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