The Slovenia Times

Večer disapproves of tourist tax hike


Holidays Will Be Costlier, runs the headline of the commentary in response to a higher cap on tourist fee at 2.5 euro plus a new tourism promotion levy at 25% of the tourist fee.

The paper's calculation shows that a family of four with two underage children spending ten days in places with the highest fee would pay 93 euro, which is 54 euro more than so far.

"Who will be able to afford a night in the capital any longer is becoming a matter of prestige," the paper says in response to Ljubljana having already taken a decision to impose the highest combined fee at 3.125 euro.

"When adopting a new fees policy the government did not say it aloud that tourism is no longer for everyone and that wealthy guests are welcome but this is exactly what it did."

The paper cites critics who wonder why tourism fees are not paid by everyone, including restaurant owners and retailers, and why the amount of the fee does not depend on the quality of accommodation facilities.

"Fact is that Slovenia has only eleven five-star hotels. If companies paid for promotion, the state would take the money out of the profits of its own companies, considering that almost 40% of hotels and several campsites are state-owned, which would not be in the state's interest.

"Taxing the tourist is easier that pulling the money out of the millions that are being turned in the gaming industry, or from foreign investors that buy land and real estate cheap from the state or are even heavily subsidised for their projects."


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